For people who had failed level 1*!?!*

For anyone who failed before and just took June09 LV 1 exam. What if you fail again this June? Will you accept that this thing does not suit you and quit, or go for a 3rd(or 4th) try? ==================================================== For me, June09 was a second trail. My first time was Dec08 when I was not fully prepare and spent around 240 hrs studying for that. After the test I knew right away that I will not pass and later on receive a band8 with no doubt. For June09 I threw around 330 hrs of brutal studying time, together with all the knowledge and experience from Dec08. I dont know whatelse I could do to improve my preparation. But I still think my odd to pass is only around 65-70%. And now starting to get nervous. If I see a band again…wow… If you were me, will you quite or spend another 300hrs for Dec09???

how can you be worried - you put in 570 hours for an exam as it doesnt change that much between Dec and Jun!!

Hey kolli…im a december’09 myself…all i will say is that after spending 500+ hrs and being drenched in cfa l1 thought for almost a year, if god forbid you fail, you should probably rid yourself of the torture for a while. If nothing changed from L1 Attempt 1 to L1 Attempt 2 rightafter, chances that you would see a major change from L1 Attempt 3 if done right away. Take the time off to relax, and more importantly casually go through the material at a pace that suites you best. Once you feel you are conceptually sound, go on the pursuit again. With that said however, If you are determined and certain that the investment profession is for you and that it is what you want and you need your charter asap, then you should not throw in the towel and relentlessly stay on the pursuit. Although may I mention, that you are suffering from anxiety that I feel every candidate goes through. Its this transitionary phase till you get your result thats causing you to reflect inwards and use the doubt and guilt of your L1 attempt 1 to cloud your judgement of your L1 A2. You have probably passed because of your extensive experience and preperation. Just remove the thoughts of failing from your mind. May I ask you though, in terms of preperation what were the short commings and pitfalls you faced ( in terms of exam sections and other constraints) while preparing and during the exam that led to you getting a Band 8. Also as a CFA noob, I would just like to get clarified the difference between band 8 and band 10. Also, how many hours a week did you study, and what pattern of study did you use the first time around and what changed the second time around. Sorry for being inquisitive, its just that I am fresh and filled with hope, and want all the advice and help I could get. Do let me know.

I’m just as worried as this guy. I put in about 250 for Dec, failed band 10. I put in another 200 for June and was killing QBANK (consistent 80s), did well on the mocks (69 and 71) and am so worried about this exam. I know for sure that I got about 40 wrong so I have about 32 left to work with and am PETRIFIED. I felt a lot better coming out of this exam than I did the first one, but still… If I fail band 10 again, I dont know what I’ll do.

My friends, all I will say which I hope someboday can come and whisper into my ear after I finish my L1 in December. 'Failing will suck more if you drag your mind through the torture of waiting, and passing will be even more awesomer if you don’t ’ Seriously, don’t worry. You have probably passed, please do not be so unconfident. See what you are doing to people who are about to take their exams (me and so many others), is that your kind off instilling the fear that even 300+ hours,and consistent good performances in the Qbank and Mock exams is not enough to do well.

Kolli, I’m exactly in the same situation, with a band 8 in December, a lot of work and all those questions in my mind… I cannot imagine the day I will connect me to discover the results.

Thanks ya all for the comment. Actually Im not worry anything about waiting for the result, Im worrying about my decision after that. Shall I quit or go for the 3rd time if I fail. ===================================================== SanjayKesh: I didnot use Q-Bank and Secret Source last time and I did this time. And i started studying about one month earlier this time. Thats why total study hrs were up about 100 this time. (20-30 hrs a week for 3 1/2 months) Putting more hr before that would be insignificant as I will forgot. I do well in Ethic, Econ, Corporate I suck at Quant, FS, Derivative FS was always my concern as it is hugh and I usually not score well in my practise. So I tried to improve on that which was quite hard for me as I have no background and my job is nothing related. Also, I think as a total I did almost two time more questions than the first time. ==================================================== SanjayKesh: Nothing to be discourage around here. Different people are in different situation. To tell the truth, Im not one of the smartest guy. I have to read and re-read in order to remember things. (may be that was the effect of being used to smoke W everyday 555) Also, Im not one of those nerd guys wearing fat glasses who study their butt off while in university. There were many other interesting things for me to do that time. The point here is that I put 300hrs would be differ than you putting your 300hrs. If you already know these stuffs well then you can do it without massive study time. Like one of my friends, he only studied for 100-150 hrs and passed first time. (such a damn friend 555)

I’m in the same boat. Band 10 the first time, possible Band 10 the second time… If I cant pass level I in two attempts, how will I pass level II and Level III. …might be time for the GMATs and grad school at the alternate route