For people who took CFA L2 twice

I’m taking L2 again in June :*( and am wondering if people who saw it twice observed that the topics/test seem similar year over year or will it be totally different and another big surprise? If it’s completely different, then I won’t have to spend much time on stuff covered from last year’s exam like the accrual ratio and focus on everything else that didn’t show up like Porter, Current/Temporal…ect… What do you all think? Thank you! Best wishes to the final L3ers!

I took L2 twice. I would say don’t leave anything. Everything is a fair game! There were 2 porter vignettes in 2008 exam which I totally fked up and hence had to repeat L2. Also in 2008, Ethics was very hard. I studied from CFAI ethics book and scored greater than 70% in 2009. Good Luck.

2 Porter in 2008 0 in 2009 I’m betting it will be on 2010 :slight_smile: I was 70% on ethics, FSA & FI - 60% on equities and f-ed the rest coming from the Dec exam last year. If I don’t pass this year not sure how I will emotionally handle it…arrrr Doing the EOC and reading CFAI this time. thanks cfaboston28, study hard and GL too! May the force be with everyone. Nephi

It happened with me too. Passed Level I in December 2007 and then started prep for level II from Feb of 08. Ended up in Band 10 in 2008. yes Ethics and Equities killed me first time around but made sure that I am OK in these sections in second attempt. Thanks and I am sure you will pass this year.

Took it twice? Sorry, I can’t help then. I took it more than that. Study it all but remember the weights. Spend the necessary time on FSA, Equity and Ethics. As I recall, those three topics make up about 50% of the exam.

My complete respect for you Goes to eleven, that’s a lot of suffering but you are supper tough. So did you get the impression the L2 exams you took all covered very diff topics each time or did they recycle some % part of it year over year??? I’m just trying to get a feel for expected shifts but I know all is fair as always. I hope to be 70% on those three sections this time, was 2/3 last time but bet some was luck of topic. Hope you and cfaboston28 are gone from here next year;) [cross fingers I will be here] GL!

From my experience and from I have read and heard from others, there are always the standards: foreign subs in FSA; NPV in Corp finance; DDM in equities. I am sure you know the usual suspects and these are likely to be “recycled.” The big variables lie in PM and derivatives. You can read about the Treynor Black misery suffered in 2008. This is probably not much help, but you likely know which are the biggies, and past that your guess is as good as mine.

I only took it twice but I can say that the exams were very different from 2008 to 2009. There were some constants, especially in accounting and equity, but they can really come at you from any angle. I wouldn’t try to game it, just know everything as best you can… that’s how I passed the second time. Especially in topics like equity and FSA where you are really going to have a hard time passing if you don’t pass those areas.

cfaboston28 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > It happened with me too. Passed Level I in > December 2007 and then started prep for level II > from Feb of 08. Ended up in Band 10 in 2008. > Same situation here. Going into LII the first time, I knew I was on shaky ground. I repeated my strategy for the second go-around (beginning a few months earlier), and felt I had a much better grasp of all of the material (and passed). Amiee’s right, don’t try to guess what will/won’t be on the tests. There’s not really a shortcut to the CFA.

Nep-hi - Please send out the lucky bunny. I really need it. I scored a 58% on the test and am my all time low now.

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Second go around I spent more time on some of the lesser weighted areas and made sure I had those. Went 70+ in Equity and FSA first go around and still missed the cut. Fight for every point you can with 24 days left. Unfortunately you have to know it all.

^same thing happened to me. I saw those 70+ in FSA and Equity and couldn’t believe that I failed.

LaGrandeFinale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Nep-hi - Please send out the lucky bunny. I really > need it. I scored a 58% on the test and am my all > time low now. Ohhh noooooo, there is still 23 more days to turn it UP:) If you are on L3, you can do this! This must be my old friend with a new id :wink: How about three new bunnies to help for L3 !!! The old one retired. ((\ (=’.’) o(_")") (___/) ( =‘o’=) (""")(""") ::: (_(\ *: (=’ :’) :* •… (,(”)(”)¤°.¸¸.•´¯`» I know everything is fair, I tell people the same. Just getting burn out. After last June, I squeezed in the CAIA and got done in March 2/2 on both levels, so just sick of it like everybody else wondering if I have an advantage having seen L2 before or it doesn’t matter at all b/c it will be another new surprise. Best of luck everyone, thank you for your comments, it does help!

Hey Nep-hi - Good luck on L2 and wish me the same for L3. Hope the 3 new rabbits gets us the 3 letters after our name…

Hey SWG!!! BEST OF LUCK SWEETIE! You will kill it like you did last time! :smiley: It’s only a matter of time before we become Chartered Furry Animals;)

I can’t wait!!! Then I can ride into the sunset with all the teletubbies! :slight_smile: