For People With Elan Mock Exams

What do you guys think so far of these exams? I have only taken Exam 1 AM Session (got a 70%). Here is my opinion for any who wants to hear it… The exam is hard. No doubt more difficult than Schweser. And I definitely like the idea of going into the actual CFA exam having taken a couple practice tests that are said to be MORE difficult. Some of the questions seem to be extremely detailed, asking about some of the most minute differences in principles. All in all, i think that they are good to have under your belt so I would recommend them. I am not kidding though, they are much more difficult than Schweser. What do you guys think? How have people been scoring? Do you think we really should be happy with scores >65% like they say? Thanks for the inputs! Good luck with your studies!

I have also taken the Exam 1 AM Session and scored 68. Felt it was representative of the real exam, sat in December (Band 10). Will be taking Exam 1 PM tomorrow. Overall I like the Elan materials and feel they are a great compliment to the CFAI materials. Used Q Bank before and would NOT use it again.

Do you think the $70 was worth the mocks for Elan?

I do because I think that they are tough. ohnomrbill sat in december and says that they are about the same difficulty level as the actual exam…which if thats the case, EFFFF!

So do they mail this out or do you download this exam? I’m in the middle of moving and don’t really have a solid address yet…

They will send you a pdf attached to an e-mail so you shouldn’t worry about that, just fill in the right address for your credit card when you buy the stuff online :slight_smile: Also, be sure to have the errata ready - they will send you that as well - when you check your answers so you don’t waste time over those few questions they didn’t proofread the first time around. I have the exams but haven’t started taking them yet, plan to take the first one on Thursday and will tell you how it went. They do say that the questions are harder than the actual exam and that we should be happy to score above 65% so I hope I’ll be above that…

Sweet. Thanks guys…once again I am disappointed by Kaplan (Schweser).

And it’s not like I hold a grudge or anything against Kaplan but I have used them before in LSAT GMAT SAT All of my Series exams etc… They have great study material but they don’t do a very good job of representing test questions you will face on test day. Like, I used another study program for my series 66 and passed easly but that was after I failed it the first time with Kaplan. And don’t even get me started on the Kaplan GMAT…god…

took the PM session of exam 1 yesterday and scored better then the AM. I think one of the biggest things is that the Elan exams will get you if you dont read the question carefully enough. So for those taking these mocks, be sure to ready the question thoroughly before you answer.

Their Ethics questions are easier than the actual exam. The rest of the questions are excellent in my opinion.

Do the answers come in PDF format too? Or do you have to log on online and enter your answers in?

They send the answers along too.

Just received my mock test today. Gonna try it this weekend.

You might also want to look at . This is a sample of what will become ‘paid for’ content for this December and your Level 2 test next year. All we ask is that you fill in the questionairre after you use the product.

I scored around 82% on the first elan mock and around 78% on the cfa mock. I agree that their ethics questions are easy but the rest of the questions were good practice. I read the questions much more carefully now after seeing the amount of careless mistakes I made on elan’s mocks. Planning to take the second one this weekend.

Have any of you taken Elan’s and the Boston society’s exams? I would be interested in knowing which ones are better.

I took the AM session of the Elan mock yesterday and got a 71%. Maybe its an indication of learning more material but it was right about what I had been getting on Schweser and I didnt really think of it as being tremendously harder. In fact I made several easy mistakes…going to take the PM session today. I really hope I should be happy getting over 65% and this exam is tougher than the actual one. Skeptical though

What’s your percentage score on Elan if you leave out the Ethics questions?

On the AM version I actually missed 5 ethics questions so my total of 13/18 in that section didnt really help. The new % was 70.5%. I’m going to take the afternoon portion of it this evening and hoping for similar or improved results if I can eliminate the dumb mistakes

beatthecfa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Have any of you taken Elan’s and the Boston > society’s exams? I would be interested in knowing > which ones are better. I’ve taken both - I thought that Elans were more challenging, but I scored way better on them (85,88,86 so far) than what I did on Boston (sub 70s). I did do the Boston earlier in my prep, on May 8, so I wasn’t as prepared as I was for Elan. Most of my gains have been in the areas I was weak in when I wrote the Boston. Also, of course, Ethics is a cake walk w/ Elan - but even after adjusting for Ethics, my marks are quite strong. I think that you can learn more from the Elan mocks. The Boston seemed to me to be more like a test to gauge where you are at. I really haven’t gone back to it to look at anything. Perhaps this is because their answers aren’t as detailed as Elans. I don’t have the Boston in front of me, so I’ll take a look at this weekend and make some more comments when I go though it again. Anything in particular you would like to know?