For re-takers

Compared word for word the 2008 LOS with 2009. For 2009: SS 1 and 2:- all readings are same as 2008 i.e. readings 1 to 6 SS3:- all readings are same as 2008 i.e. readings 7 to 12 Reading 13=Reading 14 from 2008 (reading 13 from 2008 deleted) SS4:- Reading 14=Reading 15 from 2008 Reading 15=Reading 17 from 2008 Reading 16=Reading 18 from 2008 Reading 17=Reading 19 from 2008 Reading 18=Reading 20 from 2008 Reading 19=Reading 16 from 2008 Reading 20 is new SS5:- all readings are same as 2008 i.e. readings 21 and 22 SS6:- only one reading for this SS-reading 23- which is same as reading 23 from 2008 SS7:- Reading 24=Reading 24 from 2008 Reading 25=Reading 48 from 2008 SS8:- Reading 26=Reading 25 from 2008 Reading 27=Reading 26 from 2008 Reading 28=Reading 45 from 2008 SS9:- Reading 29=Reading 27 from 2008 Reading 30=Reading 28 from 2008 SS10:- Reading 31=Reading 29 from 2008 Reading 32=Reading 30 from 2008 SS11:- Reading 33=Reading 31 from 2008 SS12:- Reading 34=Reading 33 from 2008 Reading 35=Reading 32 from 2008 Reading 36=Reading 47 from 2008 SS13:- Reading 37=Reading 34 from 2008 Reading 38=Reading 35 (b) from 2008 …35(a) from 2008 is deleted Reading 39=Reading 36 from 2008 SS14:- Reading 40=Reading 37 from 2008 Reading 41=Reading 46 from 2008 SS15:- Reading 42=Reading 38 from 2008 Reading 43=Reading 39 from 2008 Reading 44=Reading 40 from 2008 SS16:- Reading 45=Reading 41 from 2008 Reading 46=Reading 42 from 2008 SS17:- Reading 47=Reading 43 from 2008 Reading 48=Reading 44 from 2008. Readings 48(d) and 48 (e) are new SS18:- Reading 49=Reading 49 from 2008 If anyone finds an error please update.

I did this last night and it looks accurate. And for all those readings that are the same, the LOS’s are exactly the same except in one reading they added 2 LOS’s. I’ll post later where that was. The stuff is at home.

Yep. That is reading 48. d and e are the new.

Ha…I see now that you put that in there. Thanks for the post sid. I was going to do something like this tonight.

No worries BB.

Thanks for that, will be very helpful. But lets remind ourselves that even though simlar, we should attack this thing as if was brand new. I admit that i was coming into the L3 thiking “It’s the easiest one” but boy was I wrong. Hey if you guys saw my other post, I received a bunch of 2008 Schweser stuff from a coworker but he doesnt have the errata. Would you guys by any chance have the errata/updates that schweser psoted for their 2008 material? If so pelase send to many thanks!

man, this is the toughest exam I have ever seen, juding from my repeatedly failures. I’ve seen some guys with very decent marks but still failed, eg. CFa Halifax etc. and in the 40/60/80 posts I’Ve seen someone with much worse marks to pass this is really really weird, at first I wanted to retab y result, then comparing to those, I dropped the thought. the only scary thing is… this second failure kind of negates all my study methods for my study life 20-years long, this is raelly scary. I have to restart with something new, or just strengthen solidly already re-reguistered next year, collecting all the strategies here, and let us keep each other encouraged!