For repeaters, will you re-use or order new stuff?

I am a repeat L3’er. With the 2009 vs 2008 being about 98% the same, I am debating about buying the 2009 Schweser package with the online quizzes, or reuse the 2008 stuff? For practicing item set questions, is schweser, allen resources, or stalla better? This time, I want to grill myself with 2000+ questions, so I can pass the item set with >70 in all subjects.

don’t order the entire schweser if you have last years books - order the schweser pro cd which should be sufficient and a few hundred bucks cheaper.

sh, I am debating that as well. Last year I got the premium package and used the Qbank which was pretty good. Given the similarities between 08 and 09, I might just sign up for the curriculum instruction and support pack for $750 which does not include the notes, but includes: SchweserPro™ QBank (Online + Download) Practice Exams, Vol. 1 Your Choice of one of the following: Weekly Online Program Video CDs 3-Day Seminar (select cities) InstructorLink™ Instructor-led Office Hours

I think for repeaters of the same level, you get 50% off most packages or something like that. Even though there are only some minor changes, it’d probably be in your best interest to just buy the entire new course materials. I think the discounts are ony available on the packages, for less that $750, you should be able to get the support package plus the updated notes, etc in the premium package.

me,definately the whole new package. inlcud. that 16-week online semimar, there is a tutor named Dr. Greg sth, i heard more than one person recommended his seminar on IPS, so, although my wallet is not big enough, I dont want to be cheap… I will crush the exam next year

I’m lucky in that my employer foots the whole bill again this year. After that I’m on my own. So I will be buying everything again.

I am not buying the new package, even though I haven’t seen the new outline. Personally, I don’t think few LOS will make a huge difference to me. I can read those from the text books or borrow just those from friend. Good luck everyone.

I am not so lucky as I not to pay by myself, but I think I will buy everything again. I guess they may change the way they present an LOS.