For Sale - 2008 Level III Schweser VCDs & Workbooks

Hello, I would like to sell 2008 Level III Schweser video CDs (16 CDS) and the workbooks (two volumes). If you are interested, please send me a message with an offer. Thanks, CAPM

might be…not sure how much overlap there is between L2 and L3…where are you located and what do you consider to be reasonable. I tried selling my L2 Videos and WB on ebay a month before the exam after I reviewed them for $150 to no avail, just to give you an idea.

I meant between 2008 and 2009 L3.

what is your email - i am dopey_friends @

my email is

The 2009 L3 curriculum is only slightly different than 2008’s. You can follow the below link to see an analysis.,796254 I also have the 2008 Schweser L3 flash cards for sale. CAPM jasonindc Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I meant between 2008 and 2009 L3.

would you take $100 + shipping for both?

I have the full 2008 Schweser Level III study guide set for sale if any one is interested. I think very little has changed from 2008 to 2009 (I think some LOSs have moved and there might be one or two different ones out of the bunch). The set comes with sample exam books 1 and 2. Books are in great shape with no writing. I also have the Schweser Flash cards (will sell after CAPM’s are sold since I am hijacking his thread). Email me at if you are interested. Will take any reasonable offer.

Hello I have schweser notes and practise exam books 1-7 plus completely new flash card book Level III 2008 for sale. Prefer ppl from Sydney for pick-up. My email is dlhdang at yahoo dot com Thanks

Any of you guys have just the 2008 Schweser L3 ERRATA. This is all that I need. If you can, please send to Many Thanks

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I am interested in the Schweser L3 DVD’s. Email me with details

im aslo interested in level 3 videos… whre can we talk CAPM? my email is

mail me your offer on the DVD’s on

I have the Level III Schweser study notes (lots of notes in the margins) I’d sell to the first reasonable offer who can pick them up from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. (70s).

What the heck… I have Level III Schweser Study notes with not a single mark anywhere - no highlighting, no notes, no whatsoever. They look as if they are new. And they should because I used the CFAI texts (late season panic led me to buy the notes impulsively but I decided to stick with the CFAI texts). Send me your best offer: I will add the real cost of shipping to your bid and no more.