For sale: Brand NEW Elan 11th Hour study guide

I just purchased the Elan Eleventh Hour and they accidentally sent me two copies. I will sell my other copy for half price + shipping (total $30). Great for CFA Level 1 prep. E-mail me if interested…

Stay hustlin’ playa.

wrong forum homes

wake, how did the exam go? I am sure you crushed it. You playing any tennis now that the exam is over with? I am trying to get back out there this summer. The exam was brutal for me. It was my first time so will probably retake next year if I fail.

murdered it brother, yo, give you me your email and let’s play some time. you in the states?

thommo77 - where in Orlando do you live? I lived there for about 3.5 yrs.

Iginla - I live just outside Orlando. Where are you living now?