For Students: Wise Words From Warren Buffett

The Wall Street Journal has a new article about Warren Buffett’s tradition of hosting college students in Omaha to share a few words of wisdom. Here are a few highlights:

On the impact Ben Graham had on his life:

Some 60 years ago, Mr. Buffett figured out how to think about investing after spending time with the late Benjamin Graham, a legendary value investor who taught a weekly class at Columbia University and detailed his investment philosophy in books. “Graham changed my life and if I [hadn’t met] him, my life would probably be different,” Mr. Buffett says.

How does Warren think value investing has changed over the years?

That day, Mr. Buffett also fielded questions about the future of innovation and products made in America, the U.S. political process, the state of municipal finances and how so-called value investing principles have changed over the years. (His answer to that last question: “They haven’t really.”)

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