for the 3% of us using allen resources

OK… so i bought allen at first, read through those massive yellow binders they sent… AND THEN since my co pays for study material for schweser,i ordered those and highly recommend the schweser study materials over allen BUT the allen tests are way harder than the hardest questions in the q bank that schweser offers… anyways…i took one of those mock exams on allen and got a 53%. would love to hear how others are scoring… stay tuned to see if my results on the schweser comp mock exam match my theory…will post them when i have taken a schweser mock exam.

poor skip, maybe you are the only person using allen…

I’m also using the 2008 Allen question bank. I have answered about 2600 questions so far of the 6500 and my total score is at 63%. When I take practice texts now I usually score in the high 60s.

Why don’t a lot of people on this forum use Allen?

having started with allen and switching over to Schweser i can give you a pretty good breakdown of both… Allen- 2 Massive Yellow Binders that breakdown all of the material by readable chapters. Also comes with the mp3 lectures, dvd videos, etc… my main problem is the casual language and incompleteness of some of the LOS’s. They condense the material more than schweser. My number one complaint is that if you want to take a test, you have to log in and do it online. so if you want to read and test, you better have a computer close by Schweser- I like Schweser more since you can read a chapter and then test on it right after the reading. the definitions are more in depth and give you more information that allows you to understand most concepts. For the harder topics, i break them both out and compare how they each explain the concepts. for the most part, schweser is better, but i still like the way Allen explained a few topics (tax defer liabi, balance sheet, fsa stuff mostly) like i said, my company pays for the materials so i went ahead and ordered both.

Is it possible to buy just Allen practice questions without the study guides?

yeah, you can buy allen q’s only on their website for $300.

thanks… i’ll check it out…