For the Growth / Mature / Transitional Argument

Let’s figure out the right answer. Please put your vote, and then put whether you passed or failed, and your bracket for equities. Growth - Pass - Over 70%

is this equities? or econ?

I can’t remember what the question was, but I definitely got it right and definitely passed. If memory serves it was mature, and the trick was that growth was still slightly above the market but declining. Transitional is not a recognized stage. As an aside, any reason you’ve decided to violate this dead horse’s corpse? Bar bet?

Mature - Pass - Over 70%

I went for Transitional and not bothered if it’s right cos I got a Pass and Over 70% so three answers, all different, all 70+, all pass. I don’t think this method is gonna work!

mature- pass over 70%

It’s without a doubt mature; not sure where the initial confusion was, save for some people refusing to accept that they got it wrong on the test.

transitional 50-70 failed

Mature, pass, over 70% in equities

Mature >70 Passed. No doubt, although meant to trip you up, this one was a gimme if you read the question and recognized they were trying to trick you.

Mature, pass, over 70% in equities

So can we all just agree that it’s mature and drop it? If you put “growth” or “transitional”, you got it wrong.

Who gives a F#ck? Most of you passed. It doesn’t matter anymore.

transitional, over 70%, pass and I admit it was wrong.

thanks, I made my point, it was GROWTH… …horse still breathing…barely…must beat some more

Mature. >70%

I’ll go with … d) who gives a sh!t

how about … e) this is the most important question on the whole exam

jsjrcomcast Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > how about … e) this is the most important > question on the whole exam And why is that so? pass/ fail is what matters. btw My answer was mature and nobody here can convince me that I was wrong. So why bother discussing anymore? Cheers

Pass/Fail DOES NOT matter as much as this question. I stay up late at night thinking about it. I cannot stop. It consumes me. It is my whole world!! I want to marry it. Oh sure we come from different backgrounds, but I think we can make it work. If it is wrong to marry a CFA question, than I don’t want to right. Of course, the contango/backwardation question was pretty hot too. Maybe I shouldn’t settle down.