For the people in London / UK or Europe ?

What is the reputation/ quality of an MSC in Financial Management from SOAS- University of London ??

Anybody ??

SOAS - not known for its Finance courses, I’m afraid. If you have very good creds, look at LSE Finance and Economics. If you have less good creds, look at LSE Accounting and Finance. If you have less good creds than that, look at ISMA (Reading) or Cass (City university) for their masters programmes. If you have less good creds than that, I can’t help you. No-one can.

seems like overall SOAS does not look to bad …although your right may not be the best choice for finance

I’m telling you what it looks like from inside the industry. Forget The Guardian!

yeah listen to Etienne - try and do a course at LSE, Cass or LBS. If you’re going to apply for jobs at IBs then these will tick the box in getting you that first interview.

The Guardian is a socialist rag. Socialists tend not to know alot about business. If your going to look at school survey’s start with the credible pubs first (Economist, WSJ, FT, etc.)

I’m actually looking @ a distance program ( I’m in Canada ) and SOAS is the only one of the above mentioned schools that offers one . I completely agree with you on the ratings and the job opps though .