for the retakers...

I was in the 10th bandwidth on the June test. I am about ready to start my review again. haven’t touched the mateial since june. I am planning on taking the next month and a half reviewing, then the last month taking practice tests and going over notes etc. anyone in the same boat… and what are your guys’ study plans looking like at this point?

Started Sepetember 1. Going through Schweser again but reading CFAi for Quant and FSA. Band level 10 also.

Band 10. I’ve been cranking away since Sept 1st.

just wondering… what is meant by band 10? when the results are in, how are they presented? are we given % rate on each section, and how we place relative to other test takers?

Fail results are thrown into 10 buckets. 10 is the highest with 1 being the lowest. The scale tipped against our favor.

Band 9 here… Started Sept 1st, but it’s been hard to sink right back into it. I am planning to be done rereading everything (stalla study guides, and own summaries) by Oct 31st and leaving Nov for Q&A. Some SS go quick, others seem to take forever…

Band 10… Got started mid-August but didn’t really get very productive until this month. I was pretty depressed about having worked so hard and then failed by so little. If the pass rate had been 40% as normal most of the guys in Band 10 would have passed. Now back on it and feeling quite motivated again, finding it all much easier this time round as can spend more time doing questions and less time making reams of notes trying to learn the stuff. Am on to the FSA section now. Has anyone else seen their scores improving in tests second time round?

Hi guys! Just wanna know if you got another set of textbooks when you re-enrolled (is it the right term?) And how similar (in context) it is to the previous?

From june to dec the exam does not change, so we did not get new books. For 09, they will and yes, they would send us new books if we enroll.