For the women in the forum- Did anyone take level 2 exam while pregnant or when you've just had your baby?

I’m due in May and just took a bold step and registered for the exam! Passed level 1 this December, did not want to wait till June 13 and waste a year by not even attempting the exam. My logic was that if I pass, great; if I don’t it will be a good practice run for next year.

Just looking for some support from women who might have been in similar situations, so that I can stay motivated and focussed!

Wow… although you specifically asked for ladies on the forum to answer your question may I just say, as a man,… you are amazing! Having a baby on the way and still thinking about CFA! Maybe when you read the syllabus the baby learns by proxy :slight_smile:

In any case, If you are hell bent on partaking in the exam,maybe the best choice would be to simply focus on FSA/Equity/Ethics in your reading…if you finish these readings with time to spare then look into the rest of the topics…if you finish these readings with little time/energy to spare for other subjects,you would still benefit from knowing these most important issues (for level 2) and seeing how they appear on exam day…

Good luck and lots of love for the little one!

I am taking it in June and had a baby last month. I did a bunch of my studying before the baby and am trying to get back into it now. I knew it would be hard but I didn’t want to waste a year without trying. It is my third baby though so I knew what to expect.

When in May are you due? I would guess you could get a bunch done before the baby but the lack of sleep that usually comes with babies will be hard to deal with while sitting for the exam.

I sat for level I last year while pregnant but I was very early on so it didn’t factor in at all.

I took the exam while my wife was pregnant…and while we had a newborn for level II…does that count? no, i suppose it does not