For those in London

For those in banking, AM, HF or PE in London, what’s the current mood? I imagine not so great, but wanted to hear some specifics (outlook, jobs, salaries, etc…).

Super interested to hear a response to this from someone over there!

i’m in banking.

Ppl are pissed off that Brexit won the vote, but ppl are too busy to worry about it right now. Push it into the corner and learn more about the consequences once any new trade deals and immigration terms are negotiated over the next 2 years

The question we’ve been asking ourselves here; Is there anything to do on a Thursday night in Frankfurt? Does any1 really want to speak French, where are do people live in Amstertdam?.. We all know the answers to those questions which means we dont think jobs will move to EU countries…

Will London be a top 2 global financial centre forever? I doubt it.

Will it move to somewhere else in the EU?.. Probably not.

UK Banks have bigger operations domestically, in Asia and US than in the EU…so i’m not too worried.

The main concern I have is quality of people that banks are able to employ… and visa concerns.