For those of you interested in mechanical engineering . . .

. . . or, perhaps, bowling:


Sort-of spoiler alert: after seeing the first one, all others pale in comparison.

First one looks cool but don’t see shadows… cgi maybe?


Why bother with humans at this point? Might as well have just robots playing all sports.

The high speed shots have been confirmed to be fake.

Yo S2000, I got an important bowling question and since you did warhead work this is probably easy. How fast would you have to throw a bowling ball say, it has to hit the middle 3 pins to guarantee you knock them all down at the same time? If someone could throw a bowling ball 120 mph, would that pretty much guarantee they all go down?


120 mph from 60 feet = how much from 45 feet?

A true gem.

^That, and “Would you tuck me?”

I don’t have enough cores to calculate that…

I always thought that it was 44’ 6".

the good ol’ days