For those of you who are married: how long?

Thirty-six years for me today.

What a journey! I’d never have imagined my life today 36 years ago.

How about y’all?

I didn’t even live that long :wink:


Seven years, three months, nine days.

Happy anniversary!!! Hope you have a good one before your operation tomorrow!


I’ll be 36 next month. 36 years is a long time.

You could have got out by now :wink:

10.5 years.

It’s going to be a little tough.

We’re going to the Japanese restaurant where we had our first date. The admitting nurse at the hospital said that I’m allowed to have only a sip of alcohol. _ A sip! _ How can you have sushi without sake? And apparently I’m not supposed to have champagne on my anniversary!


haven’t you been at the bottle all day? hence the spike in S2000 watercooler activity?

Congratulations S2000.

It will be 21 years in May. It gets better every year.

Take that, haters.

Easy. Do what I do, and order a coke. (Or in your case, Pepsi.)

No one is hating on marriage

Twelve years, 5 months

You pay attention.

I’m impressed.

man. you guys are old.

i’m going on 6 years and i got married when i was young as hell.

EDIT: actually hell is quite old so young as mario?

3 years!

3 months. Feels like a lifetime. Just kidding!

19 years 10 months

still a free agent and loving it

whats the rule for diamond ring, still 3 months gross?

25 this past August. Some rocky times, but we’re still going strong.