For those of you who failed...see you all again in June 2008!!

OK, so I can see that my mark was borderline (having seen other results posted on this forum)…ethics turned me down… Congratulations to all those who passed!!! Enjoy this evening… BUT for those who haven’t don’t lose hope! We can do this baby!!! See you all again in June 2008.

Here ,here ,in same situation as you man very dissappointed. talk soon

It’s been a REALLY long day today. I’m dissapointed but…I’ll take it again in June. At least we’re still in this. If we don’t quit then I don’t think we’re losers.

well i’ll be taking it again in june. like kguizo said, we’re still in this. we’re not alone!

Yep me too… What doesnt kill you makes you stronger… Come on June 2008…!"

reading this makes me scared…I just signed up a week ago and don’t feel i hvae enough time…and I am using schweser 07 notes! did you guys use 07 or 08 notes? isn’t it scary???(to use an older notes)

Honestly it would probably be a better idea to use the 08 notes.

Little upset with the outcome of my results. Not sure if i will write it again. Little discouraged at this point. This is my second time. But by the look of some of those that passed, doesn’t look like i’m too far off the pass mark. Should i give up or try to pass this bugger. Level 1: Fail The table below illustrates your subject matter strengths and weaknesses. The three columns on the right are marked with asterisks to indicate your performance on each question or topic area. Multiple Choice Topic Max Pts <=50% 51%-70% >70% - Alternative Assets 12 * - - - Derivatives 12 * - - - Economics 24 - * - - Equity Analysis 24 - * - - Ethical & Professional Stnds. 36 - * - - Financial Statement Analysis 68 - * - - Fixed Income Analysis 24 - * - - General Portfolio Management 12 - * - - Quantitative Analysis 28 - * -

It seems that derivatives is the topic everyone (including those that passed) does worst in. Goodluck to everyone taking it again in June 2008. I hope to see you all in the ‘we have passed’ topic in 5 months…

I’m rewriting it, I passed Ethics though… that worried me I thought I should have reread that Chapter one last time…

I will be rewriting, I believe I was borderline-ish as well. It is all good. We are all going to pass in June! Congrats to those who did pass, kudos to you all. when are you guys erstarting the study. I plan on taking a couple weeks, restarting mid-feb with derivatives!