For those of you who study before/after work. How many hours do you put in?

If you’re working your typical 8-5, 9-5, or whatever. Just wondering how many hours you’ll put in on some day like today. A weekday specifically

Probably averaged out to ~2 hours/weekday. Some days I would study at lunch, or do 3+ after work. But other days I didn’t do more than a half hour or any at all. Highly variable!

Same here - probably have averaged two hours a weekday this past month or so.

How are you full-time workers feeling?

I’m absolutely drained

I have kind of weird hours… I usually work from 6 until around 3… From January- April i would usually do around 2 hours a day after work, take fridays off and then around 3-4 hrs on saturdays and sundays… For pretty much all of May during the week I’ve been studying from 5 until 9 or 10, still take fridays off, and then usually 4-6 hrs on saturdays and sundays.

I studied last Oct and Nov for L1 while working full time +. It was devestating. I was getting like 5 hours a sleep a night.

I don’t know how you guys are doing it for L2.

I average 2-3 hours a day during the work week – typically 2 hours after work and sometimes an hour at lunchtime. I’ve spent most lunch hours in May doing Q Bank questions.

I have tried to study on the train to/from work (80 minutes each way) but have not found that very productive.

I have a much shorter commute, but I read here about a month ago that someone mentioned carrying along self made flash cards/notes to just look through during their commutes. I’ve been doing that ever since and it’s definitely helped keep concepts and definitions fresh.

I have a shorter commute too, but I use my car to go to work and have long working hours.

It hasn’t been easy studying with a full-time job, that’s for sure.

Who’s got no days off from work here?

Oh, haha good point. If you drive to work DO NOT use flash cards :slight_smile:

I got no days off from work, too…been averaging about 3 hours/day during workdays and +5 hours/day on weekends since late April (diminishing marginal productivity on weekdend studying is incredible…couldn’t do over 7 hours/day); and obviously studied since Feb on a less intensive pace. it’s absolutely exhausting.

No gym, no playoff basketball, and can’t even watch the Champions League final…

Jan-Feb I worked from 8:30 AM til 10-11 PM so I didn’t study at all during weekdays. March I started to study around 1-1,5 hours after work. April-May - one hour before work (woke up at 5:30 AM) and maybe 1-1,5 hours after work. The only good thing is that after 10 days studing is over (for now). Oh, and I don’t watch Champions League so I don’t miss that too :slight_smile:

2-3 hours after work in the evenings. I *try* to get some reading done during lunch or on the train so that I can work on problems when I get home. But I’m having difficulty retaining stuff. By the time I get around to reviewing somethiing at the end of the week I forget formulas that I worked with in the beginning of the week.

Try studying with a newborn in the house. I was out on FMLA for two months but it wasn’t as productive as I had anticipated. I thought these things were supposed to sleep? Now I have returned to work and am lucky to get 2 hours in on a weekday.

Dude totally feel you…my daughter just hit 6 months yesterday…she’s started teeth and scream…but that’s not the worst thing now…she finallly said her first word yesterday…and it was “DADA” was really happy…but at the same time…now she’s screaming DADA all the time now…and I feel like an asshole of a father negleting his child…

Full time work, 2 young kids, my 3rd attempt at L2, now doing ~1 hour a day but in my first go, it was 2hr/day.

But this last week before exam, 8 hours a day by taking time off work.

Last two weeks i have been going hard at 5 hours a night (5pm to 10pm). I am on the verge of burnout but am off working starting Friday so should be ok from there.

When your working full time, things like the optional sections don’t even come into the equation… Given limited time, I would rather slam my knob in a car door than read the optional sections!!!

From Jan to Mar I studied with my group (only 3 incl. me) 2 or 3 times per week (2.5 hrs each time) after working hours. Since May we have increased the frequency to 4 times per week. In weekends we study together 7-8 hours. This week our weekday meetings increased to 5 hrs (instead of 2.5 hrs as normal), that’s crazy …because we got home quite late. I am lucky to have days off to study but in previous months I was quite stressful with personal issues and work so I didn’t concentrate much. Since I was off work to study, I have found out many things in the curriculum that I had never known or thought I knew them well but in fact I didn’t .

Working full time, I managed one hour everw morning and then 10 hours per week-end I would say. Not easy to be concentrated for both CFA and work