For those on the buyside

Do many buyside shops (that aren’t “quant shops”) use a lot of regression analysis?

I work in a quant shop, but I’m pretty sure most would. Fundamental folks are still allowed to use the computers as I understand. . .

Not on the equity side. Not me, anyway.

not in my company…we pretty much use fundamental and tech analysis…along with a complete capital structure analysis

I’m not sure I’ve ever used regression analysis in finance nor ever been asked a question about it. It’s a wildly valuable tool for lots of things but security selection doesn’t seem to be one of them.

do you use regression analysis in your fundamental analysis? to forecast sales, etc?

Did you take a college stats class and are now trying to find out how valuable this course could be in a job search?

Joey, don’t you use regression to get factor exposures for predicting expected alpha and risk for securities? I know that’s only one model of finance, but it would seem pretty common. I’d think that regression would be important for doing seasonal adjustments on sales and commodity prices too, and for calculating the market beta in fundamental analysis. I know there are lots of issues with whether these things are stationary and therefore regressable, but I would think that lots of people still do it.

I’m on the buy-side and use it in my models. I’m not sure why someone wouldn’t take advantage of it.