For those that passed using Schweser only

What were your Qbank test scores going into the test? I was scoring 70 to mid 80’s on tests that covered all topics and I failed the actual exam. Band 10. I’d love to know what it took on Q bank to get past this thing.

I used only Schewser notes - 5 books and didn’t use the Qbank. Passed pretty good.

Second that. You do not need the F*cking Q_bank if you know what you are doing.

CFAMonster Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Second that. You do not need the F*cking Q_bank if > you know what you are doing. yeah, ok. anyway… qbank was useful though i never took a full test on it… but i think overall, i was at like 74%. good luck next year, man.

I just used Schweser notes and passed with good results. Never used the Qbank, just did all the problems in the notes. Their practice exams are nothing like the real thing. I did one, got around 76% on it, but the real exam was easier.

I too passed using 99% schweser notes… Only for BSM model I had used cfa institute books. I had done some questions of the qbank… but frankly speaking didnt find it that useful. I think the schweser question bank is good though… the second ibook of the two books is way tougher than the actual … but I find the first book to be extremely useful… especially it helps channelise your thought process.

I passed using mostly Schweser. I got about 75% with qbank, but only did about 500 questions. I did 13 test before the exam and failed 5. I thought i had failed the exam, so today was a very nive surprise

On a second thought, I have to say maybe i benefited a bit too. I do not have Q_Bank and I did not bother to get one. However, twenty days before 06/06, I started visiting AF and in many topics Q Bank questions were discussed. Maybe that is the best way to learn Q Bank: Just following AF, because Q Bank questions are easy to copy&paste, so you will know most of the difficult ones. Some people benefited by knowing the explanations that they do not know, others benefit by applying their skills to difficult questions. Cannot deny that.

I used Schweser and Q-Bank extensively but never actually calculated percentage right in Q-Bank.

I used Schweser, qbank, and the CFA mock exams. Turned out to be a good strategy. Passed with a margin. Wouldnt have made it w/o qbank I think. Help you understand how to apply the material and reinforces the knowledge acquired. And yeah, the qbank discussion here on the forum was very useful as well

I used about 90% Schweser stuff. I took about 2500 qbank questions and my overall percentage was right about 75%. I never did a full test on there though as I did not think the questions were representative of the test. I used it mainly for practice and drilling in concepts into my head. For practice tests, I used the Schweser ones, BSAS exams and CFA mocks. I remember those ranging between 65% and 80% in the last few weeks leading up to the test.

I didn’t buy the notes, I only used the short summaries in Qbank. And I didn’t open the main books either (except for one concept that I didn’t understand). That worked out well for me, but that’s personal, because I know that I fall asleep if I have to read more than 20 pages. And I also did about 2000 Qbank questions. On the flip side, my score wasn’t stellar - but I did pass.

how relevent for the actual exam covered by Schweser Notes? I heard Schwser did not cover all topics for LII and in the past, Schweser missed the prediction on the important of the topic for the exam.

Used only the five Schweser books, didn’t use the Qbank or the sample exams - both for L1 and L2. Passed with decent scores. And yeah, I studied finance in grads; that must’ve helped. Anyways, Schweser rocks!

I used strictly schweser notes. Just the 5 books and practice exams. Passed with a 67% so it was close, but I had a lot of distractions. New Job in Jan and New baby.

I liked Qbank quite a bit for Level 1 I thought it was completely worthless for Level 2. Some may disagree, but I didn’t think it helped one bit. I went on a bit of a rant about it in another thread. Here’s the link, and below is what I wrote. This is before I found out I passed, BTW:,789036,789157#msg-789157 I may sound a little harsh, but it is an understatement to say I was, overall, very underwhelmed with that product for Level 2. useful for some of the more qualatative sections, and I thought Fixed Income & quant questions on Qbank were very good. However, it was dreadful for FSA, equity, corporate finance, and PM, which comprises the bulk of the test. All their vignette style questions were waaaaaaaay too long, and the information was so scattered it was an excercise in futility to actually answer anything correct. There would be vignettes that would take me 10 minutes just to read (not overstating here at all) and about 1/2 of it would be worthless info, except they would bury data within the useless paragraphs. This is completely different from the CFAI, where everything is well thought out, stated briefly, data contained in a table, etc. I’m not spending my money on it again. I can honestly say that my performance on the exam would have been no different if I had never even glanced at Qbank this year, although I can see how it would be helpful for someone that wasn’t coming from a finance background to drill topics that came to me a lot quicker, and for some of the tougher quant sections and fixed income analytics. Overall, I give it a solid C-, and that is being more than fair from my perspective.

that being said, I used Schweser almost exclusively (used CFAI text to fill in gaps and did all the end of chapter questions and CFAI mocks), and felt adequately prepared.