For those using Schwesser Q Bank

When you doing practice questions and creating a new exam, what question level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) do you select ? I have stuck to keeping all three boxes checked assuming that the real exam will have each level of questions, leaning toward more intermediate and advanced than beginner questions. Any advice from anyone who’s used the QBank succesfully ?

I’ve been doing the same… reading each los and doing the associate questions… then doing the overall reading quiz… then making tests for the study sessions. Selecting all 3 options helps give a good review of basic concepts and challenging applications. To be honest, however, I cannot imagine the ‘easy’ level questions will appear on the actual exam. Things like A = L + E are just too simple to test, in my opinion.

There will be some gimme questions on the exam for those that studied. That being said, there will also be a lot of challenging questions as well. They will not appear in the way that the qbank asks the questions though.

i mixed in all 3 levels of questions. learning the concepts are key b/c the exam is more conceptual than computational. there are some beginner qbank questions that are a joke though. some of the advanced questions in qbank take up to 5 minutes to finish. that type of question won’t be on the real exam, but they are good practice b/c it tests your knowledge of various LOS at once. be cognizant of that. so you’re actually studying more than you realize. remember 90 seconds per question on avg, so CFAI isn’t going to throw some crazy computational question at you. bottom line is to keep plugging away with as many questions as possible and learn from your mistakes. i’d read a section of the CFAI book and immediately hit the associated LOS in qbank for reinforecement and then go back to the book. there were alot of questions on the real exam that i answered in 5 seconds or less and some questions i was thought wtf , flip a coin!!

I always choose all three levels, as well as “questions answered incorrectly in the past” when I create an exam.