for those who arent as confident-last 72 hours

with 72 hours left here is the back of my CFA lv 1 baseball card:

last mock (schweser) took: 70%, high 73, low 64

qbank final avg(no easy questions) 75-80

Any advice on how I should spend the final 72 hours before the exam?

another mock? simple review? I feel like im at a saturation point but im certainly not confient to the point where i can “go see a movie” (does anyone really do that?)

Im hoping i leave this thing with a smile on my face finding it easier but im hearing mixed reviews…

im still reviewing random things… still dont know whats gonna happen on 3rd june…

oh yes im also practicing getting up at 6:30 am and stay awake till 5:30 pm while every fiber of my body wants to go back to bed…well dont laugh, yes its a big deal for someone who is not used to get up early…

I’m scoring at an average of 72% on all of my mocks, so don’t feel exactly 100% confident either…but I’m done taking mocks at this point and will just continue to work on EOC CFAI questions in the areas I’m weak in (Econ, FRA). Probably review the CFAI mock once more also and talk through concepts on paper.

I’m with the general here 100%. Averaging about 72% on my mocks (last one I got a 77.5% tho!) but not feeling totally confident either. I could easily get a bunch of bad questions, misread some stuff, etc.

I’m working through EOC CFAI questions as well right now. I did the ethics the other day and got 90% right so I was pretty pleased with that. Today is econ and some FRA since they are my worst subjects.

I think I’m going to review the CFAI mock and try and figure out what important concepts they didn’t ask…since it makes sense that they’ll be asked on the real thing. Maybe someone should have a thread about that actually.

I’m not gonna bother with the sections that I still don’t get at all right now… if it’s taken me several months without success, then I doubt a few days will matter.

I’ll concentrate my efforts on the sections that I’m still a bit fuzzy and shaky on… and keeping material in my best sections fresh.

why are you guys having problem with econ? My weak area is FRA however the volatility of my ethics portion is also very high … fluctuates from very good to abysmal from test to test. Econ is probably my strongest part of the lot and i am only talking in relative terms not absolute.

Ditto to FRA weakness and Ethics volatility…

I’ve not studied microeconomics since high school and only took 1 macro class in college so Econ’s up there with FRA in difficulty. Anything that is math intensive (Quant, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Equities, PM, etc.) has not been too worrisome for me… my rote memorization is abysmal.

General, I feel your pain I’m in the same boat. If DTL and DTA were people, I’d kick each of them square in the nads. I HATE taxes in FRA section.

I hated learning DTL and DTA for my job (had to take accounting tests on it). I had to learn the material the first time, it made the second much easier.