For Those Who Believe They Are Ready....

What would it take for you to miss the exam this year and re-write it next year? Friend offered me free ticket to join him in Switzerland to see a euro cup game ( all expenses paid including euro cup ticket, airfare etc) June 7th Portugal vs Turkey. The only reason why i’m not going is because these teams I could care less for, my team plays a few days later which he does not have tickets for. If the tickets were for my team, i probably would have skipped the exam. What would it take for you guys to skip the exam, if you knew you were ready and had a good chance of passing?

are you crazy? i wouln’t skip it for $10k in cash


i would skip easily for about 75-100k cash

I’d skip it for a Value Meal!

A day in a Vegas hotel room with an unimpregnated Jessica Alba

I’ve said before I’d whip out 10K in cash to pass and be done with, so I’d also accept 20K to not bother writing it. If only I could have both!