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Here is the original post, in case anyone is interested. The ensuing conversation is equally hilarious. “I’m currently going through college and i’m still a virgin and have a hard time picking up girls. I don’t understand what the problem is. Even at night clubs i have no success at interaction with women and usually end up going home and masturbating. Will moving to Manhattan, becoming a Quant, and change my image to a big shot wall street banker help my game with the ladies? Also will my income be supplemental enough to support the various (hopefully 30+) women and maybe 4+ ex-wives?”

I like the dig on quants.


funny stuff but the picture of the bikini girl makes people think im looking at inappropriate stuff at work

In relationships, it called “not being a jerk.” Good advice - boys please take note :wink:

as a mathematician I would say you dont have a wide range of girls to pick from during the college, this can be due to many reasons: mathematicians 1) tend to drink coffee and produce theorems, they are the biggest consumers of coffee which affects their teeth badly, thats why they dont give a smile often 2)tend to stay in office even during weekends, my department was busiest during weekends, no time to run after girls/no tiem for action 3)own only one pair of jeans and shorts and 2 shirts, they change it with the season 4)crack nerd jokes, with most of them being about maths and mathematicians i will add more as i keep straning my brain for it

on a side note… have anyone else noticed the number of quant forums while there is only one CFA forum (that i know of)?

A post like that here would produce better responses, none helpful to the poster mind you.

funny thing is all the serious responses he got. no way you can get a serious response on here for a question like that. everyone would think its that guy soppisoppi using a new ID.