? for those who have read entire CFAI ethics text

realize this question sort of answers itself, but at this stage in the game, given the amount of time did you find reading the entire CFA text on ethics beneficial?

i’ve taken several practice/mocks and have been getting 4 or 5/6 on ethics. it seems there are so many details, nuances that the 12 hrs it will take to slog through the CFAI text will be more productive spent elsewhere. the whole ‘ethics adjustment’ factor is something to keep in mind. thanks for input from those that have read that section.


do the EOCs for ethics, they are useful. read prudent man, soft dollars and research objectivity because they are short.

I would read it, but I read the entirity of all the CFAI books. I think practice problems probably taught me more on how to use information, but sometimes I come across a question and it clicks that it’s basically word for word from the textbook.

of course in an ideal world, you’ve read it all. with 9 days left, time can be better spent! unless you’re talking about prepping for 2013.