for those who like schweser vol 2

a question. do you like it because of the PM sections? i’ve taken the first 2 AM sections (and the 1 PM test) and if the actual exam is like that, i will surely fail. feeling real nervous here.

V2 sucked - waste of time. Was easier than V1.

the pm might be easier, but IMO the am is certainly harder.

am absolutely sucked. “list 8 of the 6 reasons” blah blah blah… come on… i haven’t found a single cfa morning section q that asks you to remember every single item on any of the “lists” or that gives you 12 minutes to draft a complete IPS… horrible.

i’m glad i’m not the only one maxthedog

yeah the AM sections i felt were lacking in substance of questions.

The individual IPS in the AM for Exam #1 in Vol 2 was brutal. I don’t believe the solution is correct and the question messed up the number of years to retirement. Could you imagine what would happen if CFAI had a typo like that?

Oskigo, I started an AM in Vol 2 the other day and quit after about 4 questions because I was running at about a 30% clip, literally. From that point on I said “never again”…I think the consensus is to dump all Vol 2 AMs. But do the PMs…

yeah, I did the first two AM’s and they have shelled my confidence. I did good on exam 1 pm with a 70…62 on exam PM, but made some really dumb mistakes, so I’m not too pissed. The crap in the AM is unbelieveable, I’m not sure I’ll bother with exam 3 am…

Did anyone see the calculation for that guys annual expense for his mortgage payment? on the AM #2, VOL 2? (0.08% x 1,000,000 x 0.95%) or an 8% 1mm mortage with 5% down payment? Not even in the right ball park and that’s a HUGE part of the question. Glad I’m not the only one frustrated by those. We’re either all extremely bitter and trying to justify how you can spend so much time and not get 1+1 anymore or Schweser is trying too hard to make it too hard…

the level II schweser exams last year were infinitely harder than the actual exam. I hope the same is true for level III. I think my highest score on the schweser exams last year was in the mid 60s and I had over 70 on the actual exam on all but ethics and one other small section (quant maybe?) ,