For those who passed..

Which happy dance did you do at work when you found out? Im thinking either the lawn mower across the trading floor or the sprinkler in the conference hall would be appropriate…

long tall sally :slight_smile:

the reverse dirty bird

I grabbed the CFAI Econ Book and spiked it on the floor (the most use I ever got out of it) and then proceeded to spin jump into a pile of interns and admins Lambeau-leap style…then spent the 4-5 o’clock hour smoking padrons with two of my bosses. Life is good when you work for a small firm where no managers have the charter and you’re the only one taking the exam. I wonder what will happen when/if I pass level III.

Geez really? I see that as more of a level 2 pass dance…but whatever. budfox427 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > the reverse dirty bird