For those who received the L3 CR...............

Please refer to book 1 (Ethics)-Study session 1 and 2. I skimmed through it and noticed there is some new stuff, does this mean this book is NOT the standards of practice handbook 9th edition>? That would suck if its not because I had that book all highlited with notes ready to go from level 2. :frowning:

Yes there are additional articles such as ethics in practise, and new material such as asset manager code and ethics cases, after the standards of practise handbook material. But upto page 120 of book 1 is virtually the same as the standards of practise handbook. However there may be a few new examples added in the application of the standard sections. Hope this information from an L3 repeater helps.

Hey indike, Thanks alot, your infor helped out alot. I was about to set book 1 aside and say to myself “I know the SOPH inside and out, so i have 1 book done already!!” , i guess that is not the case anymore :frowning:

Glad that it helped. The new material apart from the SOPH book is the article ethics in practise by Philip Lawton, the ethics case studies and the asset manager code. Its good that all the material is packaged in one book, they are a lot easier to study than referring different sources.