for those who took the mock

im about to start mock 1. are there any errors or changes that need to be made to questions? i recall reading about some errata, does anyy relate to having to change #'s or text in the Q. thanks.

Looked at the errata and the corrections there are already present in my version. To be sure, you might want to download again if you downloaded it a while back.

i downloaded and printed this past thursday–any changes since then? also i looked at errata on cfai candidate resources page and they had none for the mocks/samples—where do u see them

go to the page where you got the mocks from. there is a link at the bottom indicating Mock errata…

Mock Exam Morning Session: In the Jacques Nordique case scenario Equation 1 should read (P/E)t = b0 + b1 (P/E)t–1 + åt. A technical error previously prevented this from appearing correctly. Mock Exam Afternoon Session: The first line of question 30 has been changed to “…financed 50 percent by debt” (instead of 40 percent). The solutions are correct as given. Also it doesnt say anything about that FCFF question. I got it right (my answe matches to theirs) but people here had some issues with it. CPK - What are you scores in practice exams?

I have not yet taken the mocks… so no score to report.

I tried to download, and not able, keep getting technical error, cannot open. waz up?