for those who's done CFAI mock tests

are we able to print out the Questions and guideline answers after taking the online mock exam for future review?

only answer keys and reference to relevant LOS in a pdf at end of exam. Questions are not given in the pdf file.

not of much use then, how can i remember what’s asked after a week or two or close to the exam?

Couple of years back… I remember most of us used print screen to get a copy of the exam… Is that not possible this time around ? It is mainly for our own study purpose and not to share or anything… or violate any copyrights. PS: I took a year break after passing Level 2 in 2006… so am wondering what changed.

anyone ?

It might be an ethical violation and not worth the risk, as the exam questions are goin to be entirely different to the sample exams. But the pdfs with LOS reference are a useful study aid if one can recall the general concepts tested.

Guys is anything on CFAI web mentions print secreen is not allowed. I have not take any of CFAI tests yet but I have checked CFAI web many times and could not find anything like that. How do you know it’s a violation.