For those without Qbank.. how do you test your knowledge?

Hi, i was wondering how those people who do not have Qbank are testing their learned concepts – just by doing CFAI and/or Schweser questions that can be found within the study notes? I am mainly just reading Schweser notes and doing those few ‘concept checker’ questions which I am afraid might not be up to the exam standards (in terms of difficulty).

Do the CFAI questions too.

i didnt use Qbank, just end of questions and sample exam. i failed in june, with 3 sections >70% and the rest in >50%. given i only stuided for about 2 months…i think you can pass exam without Qbank if u put some effort in to it.

er. considering i started studying recently, that’s not a good news. if i study diligently from now on till the exam i too will have studied for about 2 months (w/o Qbank). but approx. how many hours did you study during the 2 months you studied?

i did not study diligently…thats y i failed. in fact i studied few hours here and there and too at work in slow season that is spring and weekends