for us on the west coast, what time does kimbo fight?

i dont know the outcome yet. so please dont tell me. the heavyweight fight just finished. the program started at 9. what time should i expect to see kimbo. i want to study until then and dont want to have to keep checking the tv.

Kimbo fight started around 10:pm central time. The Gina Carano and Robbie Lawler fights where good too. Pretty impressive show for Elite XC. I think it interesting how they have to end fights quicker because its on prime time network TV(they don’t want to show a fighter too badly beat up). Overall a good showing for MMA on prime time.

wow thanks! I didn’t know that they arranged another fight… I was busy studying lately do u also know if Matt Gammon will fight kimbo again ?

not sure but man kimbo looked weak on the ground. huffin and puffin after the fight lol

Pretty uninteresting event- cant believe i wasted any study time on it! EliteXC is a bit of a joke, but hopefully they can lure some good fighters from UFC for some competition. MMA is a true monopoly BUT one where the profit is being maximized (can i contradict the CFAI on that one? lol) Im surprised that fellow James Thompson was OK’d to fight, having a cauliflower ear lol… pretty grotesque stuff.

I thought the fights were good but the refs/doctors were bad. I dunno if they were ultra conservative cuz it was on tv or what, but man they were pretty cautious and quick…

yeah, i hate it when they call the fights at the first sign of trouble/blood/etc. let the guys fight.