For What it's Worth

I took the FRM I computer based exam yesterday and feel like I was completely slaughtered. I put my odds of passing at ~40%. I new Schweser material fairly well and scored ~75-80% on three practice exams but the actual test was quite different. I decided to use Schweser b/c I used it for the CFA and cleared all three levels. My general impression is that unlike the CFA that writes hard questions on major subjects and sprinkles in a handful of odd ball questions, the FRM tested some major subjects but threw in a lot more odd ball questions than what I was expecting. For example, I had three strange questions on the Power of Law on my test. I figure if i’m lucky enough to pass the FRM I, I would not use Schweser again, I will likely use Bionic Turtle. I guess we’ll see in a few weeks. Good luck to all of you hitting it hard. Take Care.

I have used Bionic Turtle on both parts of FRM and never had feeling that there was any question on the exam that wasn’t covered in the prep material (Studied CFA with books only, so cannot compare Schweser). Good luck, hope you pass.

Pardon me it could be little too far into imagination but your narrative does not quite beckon a CFA Charterholder. I get it FRM qs. does present curveball and in general can be termed tough when compared to CFA but nothing of sorts what you mentioned or are concerned about.