For yahoo users out there

I have seen a few yahoo users for LII takers haven’t received their result yet. I have yahoo myself … Do any of you, Yahoo users, think of changing the email right now?

I had an issue with Yahoo! when the CFAI sent out the heads up re: email results. I didnt get one email and they one I did get TOOK 12 HOURS TO GET TO ME. So I immediately re-pointed my CFAI info to my work email with an autoforward to Yahoo. This way I will have it both places. I tested this method by putting in a customer service request – and the darn autoforward got to me in like 5 minutes. So I would recommend either losing Yahoo altogether or repointing to another email address – Gmail apparently works well. I dont have one to verify.

Yes GMail is beautiful. Got mine at 6:58 AM today.

I’m a yahoo user. My results came out at least 4 hours later.

Most ppl I know got there results by 10 am. I got mine at 8:40 pm in my yahoo mail.

@Chamarr Could I ask where are you based?

my yahoo account has worked fine with all CFA communication so far, so I will err on the “status quo” bias side.

Wonder how the folks that use corporate e-mail fared.

I have gotten emails from them, but didn’t get any email about releasing results. To be on the safe side I changed to gmail

If you want to be safe, change from Yahoo to another provider for the results. My L2 results arrived at 9:40 pm. My colleagues’ arrive at 10:00 am (one to corporate mail, another to Gmail). CFAI sent all scores out by 2:00 pm and they claim that Yahoo has a cap on how many emails they’ll allow through per hour. So be prepared to wait if you have Yahoo mail.