Forget it I am done

You know you’ve officially burnt out when you’re going over the mistakes you made on exams and you do the same careless mistakes AGAIN.

i should pack it up too but can’t. it’s only 10 here.

this is hopeless. checking my fantasy team and listening to music for now, but i may just go to bed soon. no way i pass

bilo. last minute jitters. you’ll be ok.

I have been watching for about 2 hrs… will do Mock 2 in AM… Review weak areas in PM and then hope for the best.

Never say Die! It’s 1.05 here and am doing Mock-2 … Feeling confident, except for the Synthesis vignette… Will go on till the wee hrs of the morn…

dinesh, what is your drug? you never sleep!

i can’t understand how people can do a mock exam the day before the exam. I be scared $hitless if I had a “fluke” and bombed it. tomororw it will be me and the Schweser Quicksheet and my handy flashcards.

She’s or he’s on E…for sure.

i have a date with destiny on saturday 1luv

I hope she’s easy :slight_smile:

Dinesh, how did you do on mock 2? I’m so sure you’re okay I can’t imagine you aren’t confident yourself.

dinesh will be the first one in line for L3, no worries I cr*pped out at 8.30 PDT tonite, 3 14 h days and tonite was it, I was skimming PM and not reading a thing, made some popcorn and a fruity martini and chillaxing tomorrow, ethics, PM IPS and active factor, a couple of currency probs (note to future candidates, if you worked in a bank, forget everything anyone ever told you about currency trades) and that’s all she wrote. Good luck to you all!

ThnX mcpass and maile for the vote of con! Just done with Mock-2 and I runined the Derivatives section…

by ruined he means that he scored 90% instead of 99% LOL good luck to all, i passed L1 in December, and will join this L2 forum again for June 2009. cheers!