Forgetting concepts already learned?

Does anyone else feel as they move through the study sessions that they are forgetting concepts that they learned in previous weeks? Do you guys think that in May while reviewing it will all come back? Also, I’m finishing up SS9…am I far behind? How are other people looking?

i just started SS6… i’d say you’re fine.

hey, i have the same problem…i m forgetting past material that i have read. i hope review helpss…

Even I faced the same dilemna when I took L1 in Dec… Just keep your focus…you should be able to remember everything…ofcourse except the Options part in Derivatives :slight_smile:

There is a lot of material. There’s no doubt about that. This is where the secret sauce or the Eleventh Hour Guide really helps. You people should seriosuly start thinking about investing in one of these two books. I would recommend the Eleventh Hour Guide…better and cheaper.

L2 Candidate here… Make sure you guys are practicing as you are going along the readings and also make sure you guys have last month for revision. Then it should be fine. Good Luck and remember me in your prayers too :slight_smile: