Forgetting more than I want

Do you guys also feel like you spend some time on one SS and you understand everything and then you move on to other SS’s and when you get back you forgot a lot of the material. Any suggestions how to approach this? What do you do to not forget all these details? Any suggestion would be helpful Thanks!

Main suggestion is to just keep working on it and try not to panic. This kind of worry is normal at pretty much every level. Your best indicator is how well you are doing on practice exams. See what areas your mistakes tend to cluster in, and work on those areas most.

Well Jess I had the same problem when I was studying for level 1. The best way is to keep revising the stuff. Secret Sauce is good way of memorizing the important concepts though it would be better if you made your own notes ( that took too much time for me). I hope it helps you out.