Forgot Eco and Equity..Advice needed

I did mock exam and got somewhere around 60% for Eco and equity however most of them were guesses. I looked at the syllabus for these and realized that since I did this so long ago-I dont remember much at all from these two topics.

I am really confused now if I should start brushing up on Eco and Equity Investments now or focus on FSA/Ethics. I had planned study for FSA/Ethics now but if I start doing Eco and Equity now that will surely take up most of my time plus I am not sure if I will be able to do more mocks.

Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks


I suggest reviewing all areas in which you had difficulties on your mock/practice exams. I wouldn’t be doing any more mock/practice exams now; brush up in the tough areas, review Ethics, review the stupid lists of stuff to memorize (e.g., leading/coincident/lagging indicators), and be sure to get some good sleep on Thursday and Friday.

Best of luck!

there are econ elan youtube videos. its 5 hours long, but it’s good