forgot to do the survey!

just realized it passed the deadline of 28th May. how many people haven’t done the survey but still passed before? lol

i didnt fill it out last year, and also did not pass…“if only defense”…

I filled it out last year for LII and passed. “Confirming evidence!”

I dont remember whether I filled in LII. Thus can’t claim “Recallability Defense”

Shit…I declined it!

i did the survey for before and after level ii and had a high pass this year will be tough anyway, losing sleep and confidence more and more each day, this has sucked all my energy

f! forgot to do it … i did it last year and passed …

I forgot to do it too!

did u guys receive an email regarding this? i didnt … last yr i filled it and i am here again.

forget it guys - don’t even bother showing up next week. save your efforts for next year.



how about those who hadn’t received the invitation email? According to CPierce, I think we should have a whole day beer session on 5th, instead entering the fxxking exam centre lol