sometimes i feel like i forgot everything, is it normal ???

Yeah! especially the long formulas… the key is to keep doin practice questions

Yeah you’ll forget everything on the surface, but it’ll hang around. Reread the material and do the EOCs, then start doing the EOCs again in random order. Then practice testing will see you to a pass.

Don’t worry about that. Sometimes when I think about the material as one collective whole, it feels as if i forgot literally everything, but when you actually see a problem, you should be able to retrieve what you’re looking for. One thing I suggest doing, is sitting down and writing out all the formulas at least once or twice a week from now until the exam. What I’ve noticed and this is pretty obvious, it that if you dont have the formulas down than you cannot even begin to think about answering the question, because you are scouring your mind for something that isn’t there, lol. Once you memorize the formulas, everything should begin to tie together. I believe that only 15 - 20% of people pass level 2 on their first try out of the appx 40% that pass (just seculating but seems logical). Not to discourage you, but I think the CFA is desigend so that you either have to take it twice (or more) to really remember everything or really go all out your first time and be one of those 15 - 20%. I plan on being in the latter group by going all-in this year! Good Luck.

actually i try to do that somehow but its sooooooo much to gather, so i try to just skim one or two books every few days