Form Number of exam book and answer sheet

I think I forgot to check if the form number matches. should I be concerned? Was there ever reported incident that CFAI makes such printing mistake? thanks.

I wouldn’t worry about it.

How is it possible to forget it though, didn’t you listen and follow the instructions as they were read?

losing sleep over it wouldn’t change anything. enjoy the summer! it’s very unlikely that the proctors handed you the wrong sheets.

We need to understand the purpose of these form numbers. I think there could be different versions of the exam question papers based on the region. Though this is just my speculation.

But if you forgot to check it, you can’t do much about it now. Hope that they are able to figure it out based on your exam booklet and your answersheet.

I think the answers are in different order depending on the book number (so what may be abbcabbbbbacb in form 2030 can be cccccccbbbbacb in form 2031). That’s why it’s important for the two to match - otherwise your answers will not match from the booklet to the answer sheet. I think it’s likely each candidate has a unique answer pattern based on the form number, not just different based on region.