Form of ID for exam day?

Would a driver’s license suffice? I carried my passport last year. I was wondering if a driver’s license would be enough? I called CFAI and they said driver’s license is fine but a passport is preferred…

haha, funny story. For Level 1 I brought both by license and my passport, I handed her my passport and she told me it doesnt look like me! I was like are you kidding me? I can get into and out of our Country with this thing with no problems, but I can’t take a damn test! Thankfully i had my license on me, go figure.

This year they did not put the ID number on the exam tickets. Before there was an ID number part on the exam tickets, right?

Ah, well… I guess I should carry both then.

dont remember

They never had the ID number on the exam ticket as far as I remember - only the candidate number.