format for vignette answers

Hi, In Schweser’s answers for sample exams, Vignette answers are given in two parts: For the exam, and discussion. Does one have to write both parts or just ‘for the exam’ part? It is logical that ‘for the exam’ part is more relevant, however those parts are moslty one line long. That is why I am wondering, whether just one line answers sufficient or I have to explain the answers. For example, in an IPS vignette, the liquidity section’s ‘for the exam’ part has the following answer: In the 1st year portfolio must provide $154,000. However, the discussion part, explains the the above line, and is about six lines long. Thanks, MG.

I think you only have to write the “for the exam part”. Try to keep the answers short and concise.

tranloi, thanks.