Former LIII takers, what were you scoring?

To anyone who has sat for LIII (passed or failed) what were you scoring on CFA &/or 3rd party mocks within in a few weeks of actual exam? AM vs PM? Thank you!

I was consistently scoring in the 70s in my mock PM exams. Grading the AM exam is much more subjective…

AM papers i make sure to score above 65% but you will be grading your scores and PM above 70%

Just curious. Did you feel pretty good about the test after exam day? I know almost knowone feels like they certaintly passed, but did you feel like you had a fairly good chance at passing?

2013, felt confident – come August, I failed

2014, was unsure – come August, I passed comfortably

Almost same as tozzert.

PM exams I was scoring between 70-80 (the second time around, 2013 I dont remember)…

2013 - Felt good, but not confident - failed band 10.

2014 - Felt good again - Passed comfortably.

Good luck!

AM ~70%

PM ~ 75%

I was 95% sure I passed after the exam.

EDIT: Above was 2 weeks before exam. 1 week before exam (using CFAI past AM and CFAI PM mock):

AM - 77%

PM - 83%

At this point in time, I think i was getting about a 60 or 65 on the PM. I got it up to the high 70s on my final practice exam…but I did that for all 3 levels.

I would say about 70% on AMs and maybe 80% on PMs. A few comments… I would not “score” the Schweser AM mocks. I would read through all of them and use as practice, but I do not believe they are representative of the exam at all. For one, the IPS questions are all way, way too easy. Also, and you’ll see this with schweser Mult choice too, they test extremely specifc / obscure parts of the curriculum. Don’t get me wrong, do these mocks, but don’t get tied up in what you’re scoring. And don’t even waste your time with the IPS questions they have.

I would also say to know the AM previous exams backwards and forwards. While there are gobs and gobs of information, over time, it is inevitable that concepts will repeat themselves. This is particularly true for the IPS questions.

I emailed this advice to myself, thanks. Am working through Schweser now and just got a 52% on my first AM, but was particularly brutal on myself. I’m thinking over the next few weeks I can bring that score up as I revierw the materials.

AM ~ 65

PM ~ 80

Passed 3/3. Was never confident but knew I hadn’t screwed up terribly either.

The AM Portfolio Management questions like “rate of return for the first year” were the death of me. But I managed to get them right in the exam. So don’t be too concerned.

Band 10 in 2013. I think I was right around 70 in my full practice exams. I thought I was borderline when I walked out of the exam center and unfortunately landed on the wrong side of the MPS.

Band 9 in 2014. I didn’t have the time to put forth a good run at L3 and I think I was scoring low 70s on the few Schweser practice exams I took. I left the exam feeling pretty good, but after reading through last year’s AM paper I missed virtually all of the tricks and little curveballs.

The little things matter on L3. Definitely the difference between a Pass and Band 10.

Good advice thanks. Heard this from others. Based off your guys post, seems like 65-70 AM & 75-80 seems to be the sweet spot for passing. Never know for sure, but aiming for that.

Passed first attempt was scoring 60% on actual AM.

In fixed income term, we are all in _ crossover sector _. We are on the border between investment grade and garbage grade!!!

Not good to be a “falling angel”

Traderanalyst - what were you scoring in the PM?

Can’t be…If u pass, then you will not go down:)