Formula is "provided on exam"

does that mean the formula will be given therefore we dont need to memorize?? since the exam will be set as computer-based, is it easy to look for those formulas during the exam as candidate has time pressure? There is a topic pretty similar to my concern but has been a decade ago so I put the question here to hear some latest info updated. We really need to understand specifically in which forms that the formulas are given.

Thx for your reply but would you mind explaining a little bit more?? You meant to say there isnt any forms of formulas given in the exam??

Formulas are provided directly beneath a question that may utilise that formula. Does that help?

wow that could be so helpful! so formulas are basically the same for each question or only specific ones relating to the question will be shown?? thank you for your reply!

I reckon if you do the practice exam when it becomes available that will show you how it works as that’s all you can really go off.

They will also only provide the ones marked as provided (sure you knew that already).

Where and when the practice exam will be available?? thx!!

Late December

THX for the link I probably need that later! by the way, i am not even sure if the test-center based exam for next March is computer-based or paper-based?? lol

Probably worth you having a read of this:

Tons of thanks my friend lol!~