Formula sheet stalla

Hi did any of you guys receive the formula sheet from stalla yet? if yes, when? thanks

i called stalla they said shipping will be end of next week so around mid-april (april 16th perhaps) these guys wow lol, i hope they aren’t lying this time

Formula sheet…? I got the enhanced version, is this formula sheet new this year? I also thought I saw something about some type of quick facts book, seems to be like secret sauce…not sure if you are talking about the same thing? I am surprised Stalla even knows when the CFA exam is this year with the way they have been shipping/handling things this go around.

Yea it’s new this yr. Didn’t get it either yet

Okiew5, i thinkthe quick facts book/formula sheet is the same thing. Unbelieveable that it is not out yet.

Is this a new addition or does it come with the system package?

I think it only comes with the enhanced version.

I got this answer from Stalla for those who are interested: “Becker designed the product to be used for last minute study. The Essential Facts & Formula Booklet should be used after the student has completed their in-depth comprehensive review as a last minute study tool along with the Mock & Exam and Review. It is important for exam success that students do not take short cuts when preparing for this exam. Therefore, it was our decision to release this product at this time. We greatly apologies for any inconveniences this may have caused and will look to release the L2 product within the next few weeks.” Next few weeks? So 2 weeks before the exam…??? Strange.

AKA-they screwed up in some manner. Not too worried if I get it or not-using secret sauce.

Ridiculous…I called today and stalla isn’t sending it out until May 5th.

Got it today…looks decent from a quick look over. Sticking to my sauce though.