Formula Sheet

Can we bring formula sheet to the exam? I have a hard time to memorize all formulas. Is it ok to bring the sheets in and hide under the notepad?

Braces for onslaught of biting sarcasm…

hum…the fact that you said “hide” already shows that you know it is wrong. So are you asking if it is ok to cheat?

Posts like this crack me up.

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yeah… sure… you can actually bring a friend over as well so you can get some help if you are really stuck…

come on people, more biting. This is very tame. Let’s try and get some camels and elderberries in here.

yes u can bring cheat sheets. I think they just changed it for dec 2007 test…

You’re allowed to bring one typed sheet, double sided, 12 font, 1 inch margins.

i actually just ordered my cheatsheet from CFAI and requested a moderator bring it with him the morning of. very nice service they are offering this year. the deadline to order your cheatsheet is 5Oct.

just be sure to turn in your cheat sheet along with the exam. Be sure to label it CheatSheet in bold font at the top.

think you have to notify the proctor each time you utilize the cheat sheet. the proctor inspects to make sure that only formulas are on cheat sheet

u will be given extra 15 min to review your cheat sheet along with your exam…make sure you do one…lol

Tonglin - Just in case you haven’t picked up on the extreme sarcasm… it is cheats are absolutely prohibited. You must know all the formulas on your own.

And to add to apcarlso’s point - if you hide something to bring it into the exam, you’re done in the program if you’re caught.

Joey means 4 life. The CFAI reconvenes the NWO from the WCW and gives them the address to where you live. You can guess what happens when the NWO shows up at your doorstep pissed.