Formula Sheet

Does anyone know where to obtain a good formula sheet at this time? I know that Elan is going to come out with one but they seem very behind on their Level II products and I want to start reviewing the formulas now. I do not like the Schweser formula sheet as I do not think it covers everything.

Please don’t respond that I should not be lazy and I should make my own formula sheet. If I have to I will, but if I can obtain this elsewhere I would rather spend my time reviewing and doing practice questions.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think Schweser’s is too bad, but I make my own

any update to this? I am in the same boat

Schweser has a fairly comprehensive formula sheet. It’s like 6 pages long. However, the best way is to write it yourself. It’s not a matter of being lazy. It’s just the best way to learn the formulas. A sheet that someone else writes is an imperfect substitute.

This is what I did. I have all the schweser books in pdf format. At the end of each book they list the formulas for that book. I printed these formulas at the end of each book and put them together. Still I had to add formulas that weren’t listed and popped in other relevant things such as the temporal/current rate rules etc

kdchristian - I had not found out anything further. I am currently using the schweser secret sauce and writing in myself a lot of the forumulas but secret sauce is just missing so much that it is not really a great tool. I am waiting for the 11th Hour Guide to come out which was great for level I.

trogulj - That’s a good idea, I thought about doing it that way. Do you have to pay extra for the .pdf books or is it part of the packages?

The schweser formula guide is pretty good…and helps with a quick reference for key concpets. But nothing beats making your own formula sheet!