do we have to remember all the formulae??

if you don’t want to take any chances and want to get a perfect score, yes. otherwise, do multiple choice questions and they will give you a sense of the most asked, popular and important formulas. the ones that are repeatedly asked would be the ones i would bet on.

You should look closely at the wordings of the LOS

Knowing the formulas is very important for Level I. ROE & extended ROE, ROA, NPM, Leverage ratios…etc, cuz those bad boys come back again in L2.

It’s better if you remember them and practice them. Why take the risk!

why not learn them all now, since u will see all them again come Lv2? the more you know, the better you feel going into the exam, and the better you do You gotta use ur head bro… ur competing against other candidates, not the exam, and I can guarantee you that most candidates will be memorizing those formulas just like i did back in the day. Suck it up and get to work. NO EXCUSES