Formulas for macro attribution analysis levels

Just wanted to check, is there any LOS (I couldn’t find) that says us to calculate the returns due to Asset category, benchmark and investment managers?

its Macro attribution

I haven’t seen any calculation specific questions on any mock or AM test yet…so doubtful.

Anyone else?

i found in 1 old mock, but none of the LOS in Reading 41 of CFAI says to calculate

i may have seen one question somwehere. They would prob ask conceptual questions on that and calc on micro…

that said, its not too hard if they do ask

Net contribtutions: Increase in value from contributions

RFR - Increase in value if all invested at RFR(no formula that ive seen for this)

Asset categories - Sum of (Return of asset category - RFR)

Benchmarks - Sum of (Manager’s benchmark - Return of asset category)

Investment Manager - sum of (Invest Manager return - Manager’s benchmark return)

Allocation Effect - plug feature.